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Lina 1960

Sector: Flamenco Fashion Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Lineros, 17, 41004 Sevilla Contact: Lina Tlf: +34 954 21 24 23 Email: lina@lina1960.com Web: http://www.lina1960.com/

Lina has been making handcrafted fashion since 1960. The secret lies in the quality of the materials, the originality of the patterns and meticulous attention to detail, which give her garments a unique elegance and comfort. From the beginnings in 1960 in a small workshop in Seville to the present day, Lina has stood out for its know-how. Its hallmark of distinction is the traditional, handcrafted production of its designs in which there is no room for industrial processes. The brand has been able to stand out for its deep knowledge of art, the customs of the south, the history of fashion and craftsmanship that is reflected in each of its garments.

The result of this process is unique and unmistakable pieces that keep the secret of handmade sewing.