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Entrepreneurs Guide

Logia Detectives

Sector: Private Investigation Zone: Andalusia Address: C/Leornado da Vinci 20 Sevilla 41092 Contact: Ana Lahuerta Belmonte Tlf: 686051291 Email: a.lahuerta@logiadetectives.es Web: https://logiadetectives.es/

At Logia Detectives we work in private investigation in all the areas permitted by Law 5/2014. All our detectives are authorised by the Spanish Government’s Ministry of the Interior and our office has been awarded two honourable mentions in 2016 by the National Police Force for our work carried out in 2015.

Our field of activity is in Civil Law, in family and marital cases, commercial, labour, economic, financial solvency, cases related to urban leasing law, etc., as well as offences that can only be pursued at the request of a third party.

We must emphasise the importance of our work when it comes to providing the necessary evidence in these civil proceedings, which is why our clients, apart from companies and individuals, also include the lawyers themselves, who see our work as essential in litigation in order to obtain good results for their clients.

Although our headquarters are located in Seville, we have a branch office in Madrid and we work not only at a provincial or regional level, but also at a national and international level, and have had the opportunity to work beyond our borders in countries such as Portugal and France.

We offer a service, but our vision is that we provide our clients with the PEACE OF MIND that they need when they contact us.