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Loreto Spá Vazquez

Sector: Architecture Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Puerta Real 1, 3º derecha, 18009, Granada Contact: Loreto Spá Vazquez Tlf: 958 049 850 Whatsapp: 670 83 97 61 Email: estudio@loretospa.es Web: http://www.loretospa.es/

Experts in architecture, interior design and home decoration projects. We maximise the opportunities of the place and sustainability, offering the client an extra touch of creativity and emotion.

Specialists in creative architecture, business projects and ephemeral architecture. We are a team of architects capable of creating creative and contemporary architectural projects and the sum of our creativity and experience results in an architecture capable of surprising and expanding horizons and expectations, resulting in a functional, affordable and profitable architecture for business.

Some of the projects carried out include:

-Housing projects

-Renovation and interior design projects

-Commercial and retail architecture

-Restaurant and hotel architecture

-Office and workspace design

-Bioclimatic and energy-efficient architecture

“The challenge is always to find the most optimal and efficient solution. The opportunity to create experiences and emotions that make people happier