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Luadia Terapias

Sector: Hydrotherapy, Organic cosmetics, Physiotherapy, Yoga Zone: Rest of Portugal Address: R. dos Baldaques, 1900-025 - Lisboa Contact: Cláudia Evaristo Email: luadiaterapias@gmail.com Web: https://luadiaterapias.wixsite.com/luadia

The Luadia Terapias facility was created with the aim of uniting in a single space an approach where body, mind and wellbeing are connected.

The taste for the natural and the perception that we are increasingly exposed to chemicals in everything around us, in combination with our experience, led us to create this project where you can relax with a massage, treat yourself with a physiotherapy session, improve your health with kundalini Yoga and/or personalised training and, in a natural and waste-free manner, you can find a whole range of products for the face, body and home in our shop. You can also learn how to make them yourself in our workshops.

Thus, we offer wellness and rehabilitation services for all, maintaining the utmost professionalism but with a unique relaxation and proximity to patients. By people for people, we are a dynamic and professional team that is always available.

The details are important here and nothing is left to chance.

An inner peace, a balance, a state of harmony, a deep relaxation.