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Madreselva Flores

Sector: Florist Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Jesús de Gran Poder, nº 99. 41002. Sevilla. Contact: Matilde Moya Fernández. Tlf: +34954907624 +34636259332 Email: madreselvaflores@madreselvaflores.com Web: https://www.madreselvaflores.com/

Madreselva Flores was created in 1990, specialising in the preservation of natural flowers and bridal bouquets.

We dry the flowers by undoing the bouquet petal by petal, pressing them with paper and stone. The drying process lasts a minimum of four weeks, changing the paper regularly. When the flowers are dry we personalise the composition, making a sketch and defining the size, shape and background colour.