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Magora Sevilla

Sector: Textiles Zone: Andalusia Address: Tienda online Contact: Judith Rodríguez Suárez. Tlf: 606255529 Email: magora.info@gmail.com Web: https://magorasevilla.es/

Magora Sevilla is an online shop that sells textiles products made with fabrics from India.
After months of work, we have managed to display the results here, in the form of cushions, bedspreads and table linen of supreme quality and directly from Spain (with free shipping to the peninsula).
This shop’s aim is to provide these fabrics of great exclusivity, which, as we explain in our section on fabrics, are handmade by men and women with a long family tradition of making the finest silks, velvets and the richest range of khadi cottons. What really makes them unique in the world, however, are their marvellous designs, as these are handed down from generation to generation and each family has its own. In this way, Magora Sevilla wants to decorate your home, giving it that genuine and elegant touch.