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Maison Balmont

Sector: Fashion, Uniforms Zone: Andalusia Contact: Cristina Carrasco y Beatriz Cardoso-Balmont Tlf: +34955346912 Email: info@maisonbalmont.com Web: http://www.maisonbalmont.com/

Beautiful, practical, original, useful, versatile, poetic, dreamy, attractive, are just some of the many adjectives that could be used to describe Maison Balmont’s uniforms.

This company has been created by Cristina Carrasco and Beatriz Cardoso-Balmont, two fashion and trend enthusiasts who like to take care of every last detail in the wonderful work uniforms they provide.

Their products are made with patterns, textures and colours that are different from conventional uniforms, making everything more pleasant, while maintaining hygiene standards and quality controls.

Their ‘Green’ antibacterial apron Maison Balmont. is one of the products highlighted and recommended in Elle Gourmet magazine’s Christmas 2021 edition.

The company’s physical premises, from which they sell to customers all over the world, are located in Seville province, specifically in pretty Écija.