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Marvão Grocery Store and Inn

Sector: Food, Tourism Zone: Alentejo Address: Rua do Espírito Santo 1 7330-117 Marvão – Portugal Contact: Catarina Machado Tlf: +351 245 993 059 Whatsapp: +351 245 993 059 Email: merceariademarvao@gmail.com Web: http://innmarvao.com/

Reproduction of an old grocery shop, typical of Alentejo villages, where not only regional products are sold, but also foodstuffs/goods necessary for the daily life of a community, or small souvenirs (typical handicrafts) for visitors.
Certain spaces, as well as certain products, manage to tell stories about a certain community, about its experiences, about its common identity. The Mercearia de Marvão intends to value the products that have survived time and the massification of consumption, to give an outlet to regional production and to reveal Marvão as a brand and as a tourist product. In this way, we will be able to pass on to our customers an image of quality and provide, through a trading house, a genuine and authentic experience.
We intend to maintain the idea of service to the local community and not only to the tourist by selling grocery products, a non-existent service of undeniable necessity and usefulness.
The Estalagem de Marvão is located in the centre of the historic walled village.
The concept of rural tourism is changing, with the demand for much more than what is on offer. Simple accommodation is no longer sufficient today, activities that provide experiences and motivations to the tourist are also sought after. When entering the inn, the tourist continues in Marvão; they do not go to any uncharacteristic space that could occur in any region. They will experience Marvão from the inside. The inn will provide authentic and genuine experiences of the local culture. The rehabilitation project of the building is governed by minimal intervention in the property, maintaining its ancestral structure, pieces of antique furniture and access to regional agricultural and handicraft products.
The house has a comfortable common room with a satellite TV and a wood burner for cold winter days. The dining room is fully equipped and breakfast is served daily, enriched with regional delicacies.