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Mêide in Alentejo

Sector: Food and drink, Trade Zone: Alentejo Address: Rua de Casével, 2 , Castro Verde, Alentejo Contact: Cláudia Alegre & André Colaço Tlf: +351 967 739 663 Whatsapp: +351 967 739 663 Email: shop@meideinalentejo.pt Web: https://www.meideinalentejo.pt/

At “Mêide in Alentejo”, everything is “feto” in Alentejo, exactly as they say, with the characteristic Alentejo accent. The owners, Cláudia Alegre and André Colaço, in love with their region, with the pleasure that the calm of the Alentejo gives them, with the excellence of the products, decided to create a platform to share with others these sensations that they appreciate so much. The crusty and unique bread of the Alentejo, the best ham and the most artisanal black pork sausages, or the delicious cheeses from the typical Alentejo dairies, or a good sweetmeat from the most traditional orchards or the floral honey from its bees, the traditional oil to dip the bread with salt stones in, and at the table a good wine or a good digestif are the delicacies that this singular Alentejo has to offer.

The Alentejo region also offers rare white truffles, the “túberas” as they call them there, a delicacy with an unmistakable flavour, worth trying with eggs, rice or white beans. The aim of this firm is to share the best things that are made there and to send them to its customers’ tables.