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Mi fábrica de alas

Sector: Social Zone: Andalusia Address: Huelva Contact: Ana Saenz de Tejada Vázquez Tlf: 0034699671933 Email: anasdtj@gmail.com Web: https://mifabricadealas.wordpress.com/author/mifabricadealas/

Fábrica de Sueños is an initiative in the form of a blog that provides useful material for nursery and primary school teachers and helps them plan their lessons and activities in the classroom. This entertaining blog provides original, up-to-date materials and ideas, and also recommends other resources and especially stories to educate primary school students while they have fun playing.

At Fábrica de Sueños they are aware of the importance of learning without being aware of the effort and work we put our brains through in order to develop conscious and effective learning. Games and storytelling are very powerful tools for this, especially with the youngest pupils.
In this blog you can find templates for programming, ideas for introducing the traditions of each locality during the year, culture, history, science and literature, among other learning activities adapted to each group of pupils.