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Mi ruta

Sector: Tourism Zone: Andalusia Contact: Mar Villalba Vega. Tlf: +34605966371 Whatsapp: +34605966371 Email: mirutaes@miruta.es Web: https://www.miruta.es/

Mi ruta is a family travel blog that has become a benchmark in the promotion and awareness of responsible tourism among the travelling community. A blog that serves as a platform for a more ambitious professional project: Mi ruta #Responsable

Mi ruta #Responsable is an online directory where we provide information about tours, stays and volunteer programmes that follow the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism. We like to support local agencies and organisations that provide authentic sustainable experiences in destination countries where you can learn from and contribute to local communities.

Behind the “Mi ruta” brand: I’m Mar Villalba, an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable tourism. I have been working on my blog for some time intending to achieve quality content. I am responsible for the texts and photographs.

Due to my professional background, I have a lot of experience and training in responsible and sustainable tourism, an added value in my articles.

I like to work with companies, brands or institutions that share our ideology and may be of interest to our readers.

Services provided by Mi ruta:

  1. Sustainable Tourism Consultancy: Advice and training for companies and destinations.
  2. Content writing; sustainable and responsible tourism, sustainability and travel.
  3. Creation of audiovisual content: photography and promotional videos, web sites.
  4. Promotion of products, services and destinations: Famtrips, Blog trips, event coverage, social networks. Opinions on products or services (Testing)