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Sector: Agriculture, Mycology, Tourism Zone: Rest of Spain Address: Cortes de la Frontera, Málaga Contact: Isabel María Casillas Chacón Tlf: 670680446 Email: info@micotime.es Web: https://micotime.es/

An innovative company, set in a rural environment, in Cortes de la Frontera where we create your own experiences within natural parks (Sierra de Grazalema and Los Alcornocales).

We base our work on the knowledge of Mycology and the Environment, and we are also committed to ecotourism, myco-tourism and environmental education.

MicoTime was born as a business project that works on the knowledge, identification, conservation and sustainable use of mycological resources.

Services provided:

  • Technical mycoconsultancy: Technical advice in areas related to the mycological world, from projects, cultivation or exploitation and mycological preserves.
  • Myco-tourism: discovering the world of mushrooms in an attractive way, through Mycological Routes or mushroom growing workshops.
  • Environmental Education: environmental awareness and sensitisation through the observation of fauna and flora, interpreted routes, or activities in natural spaces.