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Sector: Food and drink Zone: Andalusia Address: ALMERÍA 04230 Contact: MARIANA GONZÁLEZ Tlf: 667869787 Whatsapp: 667869787 Email: info@milgrullastea.es Web: www.milgrullastea.es

We are a company specialising in GOURMET TEA that provides EXPERIENCES and offers DISTINCTION through tea.

Our products are of the highest quality. The packaging is our personal seal as it is thought up, designed and created for Clients, Companies and Events; who seek to differentiate themselves and offer complicity and closeness to their loved ones.

We are passionate about the world of tea and all its benefits, we love design and creativity and we select the best varieties, aromas and flavours to offer an exquisite, lovingly made product.

Our details are a healthy, unique and personal answer to your special moments.

Mil Grullas Tea, distinction in the form of tea!