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Sector: Tourism Zone: Andalusia Contact: Mar Villaba Tlf: +34 605 96 63 71 Whatsapp: +34 605 96 63 71 Email: mirutaes@gmail.com Web: https://www.miruta.es/

After a career of more than twenty years in the field of human resources and corporate social responsibility, Mar Villaba, head of the MIRUTA project, has spent the last three years setting up this responsible tourism project.

Her contribution to the education and awareness-raising of travellers manifests itself in her blog ‘Mi ruta’, where you will find ‘La cápsula responsable’ (The responsible capsule) in each article, with advice and resources on responsible tourism. ‘Mi ruta responsable’ is a responsible travel project that aims to find sustainable travel solutions by bringing together proposals and resources that make it easier for you to travel in this way and to raise awareness and promote sustainable tourism, supporting and developing tourism proposals that contribute to the sustainable development of destinations.