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Moinho de Pisões

Sector: Agriculture, Food Zone: Alentejo Address: Moinho de Pisões - Estrada camarária 2012, 7040-130 Arraiolos Contact: Teresa Barrocas Tlf: +351 919 588 958 +351 266 419 255 Whatsapp: +351 919 588 958 Email: moinho@moinhodepisoes.pt Web: http://www.moinhodepisoes.pt/

The Moinho de Pisões is a mill that was used in the last century for making bread and storing flour and has been recovered as a dwelling. The firm processes agricultural products from Montado Alentejano in the annexe.
Acorn Bonbons with Chocolate and Harvest Chocolate are their flagship products. These products are made from acorns from the Vale Paio and Couvo farms surrounding the mill. With this acorn flour, they make chocolates and acorn sweets, as well as other acorn-based delicacies, which they regularly present at the regional fairs in which they participate. They also produce aromatic and medicinal herbs.