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Entrepreneurs Guide

Morlote Alta Bisutería

Sector: Fashion Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Niebla 10, 21007, Huelva Contact: Tlf: 959820140 625928708 Email: info@morlotecomplementos.com Web: http://morlotecomplementos.com/

It goes without saying that the right choice of accessories is decisive. Choosing the right accessories adds an extra touch of beauty to the outfit, doesn’t it? The manager of this firm, José Antonio Gómez, replies that: “outfit and accessories are both important as they make up a coordination that goes hand in hand.”

One of Morlote Alta Bisutería’s main products is the different types of combs that women wear in their hair, as well as the headdresses that usually accompany their ceremonial attire.

The Materials

At Morlote Alta Bisutería, all the accessories are made with top quality materials, such as Swarovsky crystals, semi-precious stones, enamels, minerals, etc.

All the accessories are handmade, and this allows us to make the accessory according to our customer’s taste, in other words, personalised combinations and colours.

We also offer a more exclusive service, namely the manufacture of an exclusive accessory for our client, tailoring it to the occasion in the final model.