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Mujer Semilla

Sector: ArtTherapy, Training Zone: Andalusia Address: Avda. de la Cruz Roja, 62. Sevilla Contact: Inmaculada Sánchez Márquez Tlf: 645 155 327 Email: inmaculadasanchezmarquez@gmail.com Web: www.terapiasconarte.com

Inmaculada Sánchez, Social Worker and Social and Cultural Anthropologist, in her quest to make the body and movement therapeutic, trained as an Integrative Corporal Art Therapist and decided to become an entrepreneur, offering individual and group therapeutic processes through art and work with the body.

Specialising in gender issues, she also runs workshops on feminine and feminist empowerment through creativity, movement, coaching and ritual.

These services are aimed at individuals, companies, public institutions, universities, educational centres and non-profit organisations.

The services she offers:

–       Individual ArtTherapy sessions with people who want to get to know themselves, work on their conflicts or support other medical or therapeutic processes..

–       Individual sessions with children and teenagers/strong> for whom Art Therapy is a great support tool (behavioural disorders, hyperactivity, emotional education…)

–       Group workshops with a focus on gender/strong> on a regular basis.

–       Personalised group workshops , Celebration with Emotion, where I design a special session where we work on what people need.

–       Training courses on Art therapy, gender, play and theatre methodologies, volunteering and citizen participation, education for development and global citizenship.