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Sector: Magazine, Publisher Zone: Rest of Spain Contact: Cynthia Manchón Tlf: +34 690 90 28 57 Whatsapp: +34 690 90 28 57 Email: info@revistamulier.com Web: https://www.revistamulier.com/

MULIER is a project that was born from the need to showcase the work of young female artists in the field of art and design. The editorial line of this magazine, influenced by the feminist movement, aims to bring together new artists and share ideas on the visualisation of women in the art world.

Everything starts with an idea. MULIER is open to any kind of suggestions. If you are a journalist and would like to write a feature for the magazine, you are welcome to do so. If you have a shop and want to advertise it in the magazine, you are also welcome. If you are an entrepreneur, you want to do an event… let us know.