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mural x 3

Sector: Architecture Zone: Andalusia Address: 18002 Granada Contact: Martina Doll Tlf: +34 620 33 94 11 Whatsapp: +34 620 33 94 11 Email: info@muralx3.com Web: https://www.muralx3.com/?fbclid=IwAR0nOlBm3fhnvuCLTpV5bZv_uOt9BfwxIzoG1L-HDpy7NXy06xZKZ78Z_y4

mural x3 presents itself as an eminently artistic company, an alternative to decorative painting, bringing new possibilities to the plastic treatment of walls, proposing the most appropriate and always the most creative solutions for the space… beyond the standardised formulas!

At present, muralx3 has a professional team that allows it to perform its activity in both private and large-scale projects. They can also travel anywhere in the world.