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Sector: Business Association Zone: Alentejo Address: Parque Industrial e Tecnológico de Évora Rua Circular Norte, 7005-841 Évora Contact: Paula Paulino e Joao Vidigal Tlf: +351 935 107 579 Email: geral@nere.pt Web: http://www.nere.pt/

Founded in 1986, NERE – NÚCLEO EMPRESARIAL DA REGIONAL DE ÉVORA is a non-profit business association, for public benefit, constituted under the Civil Law, assuming a role as a representative structure of the business fabric of the Alentejo Region.

Based in the municipality of Évora, in the Évora Industrial and Technological Park, its mission is to promote the economic development of the district by supporting and defending the interests of its members’ business activity and promoting projects to improve the business context and environment. Working as a delegation of AIP – Associação Industrial Portuguesa, from May 1989, NERE AE has been constituted as an autonomous and independent Business Association, covering the companies of the District of Évora in its area of activity and appealing to the associativity of the regional business fabric, contributing to the development of the Alentejo region.

In order to pursue its mission, the Association aims to:

  • Promote studies that relate to the activity of its members and other economic agents in the Region;
  • To streamline associative activity in the region and increase the spirit of solidarity and support among its members;
  • Organise and maintain services of interest for its members, providing appropriate information, technical support and consultancy;
  • Organise events, conferences, symposia, courses and other events that contribute to the achievement of its objectives and the development of the region where it operates;
  • Actively cooperate with public and private entities, national and international, in everything that contributes to the harmonious development of the region.

NERE AE represents its members and ensures their representation in all public and private bodies to which it is appointed by law or by invitation, with growing participation in decisions and programmes related to the development of economic activities in the technical, financial, commercial and associative fields.