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Sector: Business Association Zone: Alentejo Address: Parque de Feiras e Exposições de Portalegre Apartado 202 7300-901 Portalegre Contact: Ana Garção y Joana Damas Tlf: +351 245 302 300 Email: ana.garcao@nerpor.pt y joana.damas@nerpor.pt Web: http://www.nerpor.pt/

Business Association of the Region of Portalegre

The business centre of Portalegre Region was born on 18 October 1985, a delegation of the Portuguese Industrial Association, with 9 members at the time, an entity with which it maintains a close relationship, after having integrated its management very recently.

Since then, it has aimed to promote the development of the economic activities of the district of Portalegre in the technical, economic, commercial and associative fields, and in particular to ensure its associates increasing participation in the decisions and programmes related to these activities. Thanks to its dynamism, it is becoming established in the region and is currently considered as an associative entity of great importance in the defence, not only of the entrepreneurs’ interests but also of the regional interests, in a more global perspective.

– In 1989, NERPOR-AE was constituted as a Business Association, gaining independence from the AIP, while maintaining all the cooperation links that had existed up to then.

– NERPOR-AE currently has 197 members from all sectors of economic activity, and extends all its actions to companies in the region, regardless of whether they are members or not.

Throughout the 25 years of testing and work undertaken, strategies have been defined whose objectives are based on the principles that underpinned its origin, although nowadays they have a much broader and more ambitious scope. Without forgetting the reasons that led to its constitution, we must guide efforts and create synergies to promote economic and social growth in North Alentejo, so our work focuses on several areas of action:

• Collection, processing and dissemination of information of interest to companies, to motivate the creation and modernisation of companies, to provide vital elements for their operation and development and to try to solve the problems and issues they face;
• Promote NERPOR / AE as a meeting point and privileged articulation between entities oriented to economic and business development;
• Conduct training courses;
• To develop awareness-raising actions, seminars and meetings, to strengthen the associative movement at a general level and cooperation both at the business level and at the level of associations and other entities;
• Publicise the region’s potential to attract investment to our district;
• Organise trade fairs, participate in national and international events and carry out business missions abroad and missions of foreign investors to Northern Alentejo;
• Carry out studies and provide technical assistance to companies;
• Articulate NERPOR / EA’s involvement with organisations and other national and community associations, for certain actions, and establish cooperation links;
• To represent, together with the most diverse entities and even the political authorities, the partner companies and the interests of the district;
• Support the technical and technological modification of companies and the creation of new units;
• Obtain early investment intentions from the district and identify potential business creators by establishing protocols with the appropriate entities.
• To provide all the assistance to its members in the different areas of interest of the business activity, through the qualified technicians at its service.

NERPOR / AE also benefits from the collaboration of other Technicians in very specific areas as Consultants in the fields of Production Management; Accounting and Finance; IT and Marketing; Economics. The Trainers’ Exchange consists of collaborating specialists in the following areas: Production Management; Accounting and Finance; Direct Labour; Taxation; Medicine at Work; Hygiene at Work; IT and Marketing; Information Technology; Financial Management and Marketing; Social and Organisational Psychology; Management and Quality Assurance.

As for the goals that guide the action of NERPOR / AE, in a union of efforts that we consider essential, given the existing problems and solutions that we advocate, protocols of collaboration have been established with various entities, in particular Schools, Business Associations, Credit Institutions and municipalities, including the IPP – Portalegre Polytechnic Institute, COEBA – Confederation of Business Organisations of the Province of Badajoz, AHRESP – Association of Hotels, Restaurants and similar of Portugal, and the ADRAL Alentejo Regional Development Association, in which it is also a member of the Fiscal Council.