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Olaria Bulhão

Sector: Crafts Zone: Alentejo Address: Rua 1º de maio nº 2 7200-142 São Pedro do Corval Contact: Maria Manuela Marques Tlf: +351 914 029 172 Whatsapp: +351 914 029 172 Email: girasol1972@gmail.com Web: http://olariabulhao.com/

António Marques Bulhão, the founder of Olaria Bulhão, learned the art of pottery from his godfather and started his activity at the age of 11. The Bulhão Pottery studio is a pottery studio with an artisan history of more than 40 years, based on its handcrafted products, such as regional and utilitarian decorative pottery, which is made and decorated by hand. Initially, the pieces were fired in artisanal wood-fired kilns.

The Pottery studio currently managed by António’s daughter, Manuela Marques, has remained as artisanal as possible, so they continue to make the bulk of the production by means of the artisanal potter’s wheel, still maintaining the earthenware tanks and bowls.