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Entrepreneurs Guide

Olga Rego

Sector: Crafts, Textiles Zone: Alentejo Address: Rua Alvares da Santa, 11 (Carreira de Cima), 7320 - 117 Castelo de Vide Contact: Olga Rego Tlf: +351 967 617 121 Email: olgarego@sapo.pt Web: https://olgaregodesign.pt/

From a very early age, Olga Rego has always been connected to the field of textiles, always transforming and creating something unexpected from a rag. Her work stands out in the field of Accessories, Decoration and Ecoprint, with handmade pieces with details that mark the difference.

They are handmade products in sheep’s wool, cotton, silk and linen. Unique, original, sustainable and 100% natural pieces.