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Entrepreneurs Guide

Olho do Cão – Creative Lab

Sector: Design Zone: Alentejo Contact: Joana Moreira Tlf: +351964765710 Email: info@olhodocao.pt Web: https://olhodocao.pt

Network of professionals in the creative sector that offers a wide range of multidisciplinary services that accompany and support the development of companies through different tools that enhance their image and presence before potential clients.

Among the services it can provide and therefore offers, the following stand out:

Graphic design and communication, web design and web development, rendering and modelling, digital marketing and copyright, photography and video, packaging design, illustration, animation and motion design, interior and exhibition design, audio and sound design.

This group of creatives wishes to showcase the Alentejo region as a territory with great potential for investment, which implies the recognition of its business fabric and its valorisation.  In this sense, they want the region’s companies to be competitive and in line with current trends, responding to the challenges and competitiveness.

This collective’s open attitude means that it is always ready to welcome other creative people to join the network, which is committed to associationism and the exchange of services for the betterment of all and for economic and social growth.

Creative, artistic, original and dynamic solutions to communicate in a different way, meeting our clients’ different needs.

Their clients include companies such as Coruja à Mesa, Maria Petisqueira or Isidro Paiva, brands for which they have carried out what is known as re-branding, which is very appropriate for the development of any company.