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Orquesta de Cámara Almaclara-Inés Rosales (Chamber orchestra)

Sector: Performing arts Zone: Andalusia Contact: Beatriz González Calderón Tlf: +34669738171 Whatsapp: +34669738171 Email: beatriz@almaclara.es Web: www.almaclara.es

The Almaclara-Inés Rosales Chamber Orchestra consists of 15 string instrument players, all female, and its name pays tribute to two women with strong links to music: the composer and musical editor Alma Mahler and the pianist Clara Schumann.

Since its foundation in 2008, the main objective of the Almaclara-Inés Rosales Orchestra has been to promote music at all levels, including an interesting educational programme with the aim of reaching as many listeners as possible, offering classical music and giving it a renewed air through original and entertaining programmes, suitable for all audiences.

The project was launched by the current orchestra director and cellist Beatriz González Calderón who found in this group an attractive and valuable proposal as a professional outlet for highly skilled women in the world of music.

This musical project is financially supported by the company Inés Rosales.