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PROUST Magdalenas de Francia (French madeleines)

Sector: Zone: Andalusia Address: Calle Regina 1 Address: 41003 Sevilla Contact: Tlf: +34635928923 Whatsapp: +34635928923 Email: magdalenas@gmail.com Web:

In the heart of Seville, you can taste delicious madeleines with a Parisian flavour. They are handmade by Anne, who left her job in furniture design to settle in Seville and devote herself to this culinary vocation, using her grandmother’s recipes.

Moist and fluffy madeleines with or without fillings, which retain the original shape of a scallop shell in keeping with their traditional appearance. It is said that the Polish King Stanislas Leszczynski, Duke of Lorraine, asked his cook, Madeleine, to surprise him with a unique creation and she offered him madeleines in the shape of a scallop shell.

The famous phrase ‘Proust’s madeleine’ explains the experience of one of writer Marcel Proust’s literary characters in his novel ‘On the Road to Swann’ in its first part ‘In Search of Lost Time’ (1913-1927).

In addition to the literary quality of his works and his exquisite sensibility, Proust is known to have motivated a particular interest in science in the study of ‘involuntary memories’, those that are evoked after experiencing stimuli. Thus the madeleines that Anne and Maxime make can evoke those delicious memories of delicacies from childhood.