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Quinta da Plansel

Sector: Agri-food Zone: Alentejo Address: Quinta da Plansel, Apartado 2, 7051-909 Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal Contact: Dorina Lindemann Tlf: +351 266 898 920 Email: quintadaplansel@plansel.com Web: https://www.plansel.com/website/pt/

The winery was created in 1997, when Dorina Lindemann, an oenologist who graduated from the University of Geisenheim (Hessen), came from Germany to Portugal with her husband Thomas Lindemann and, taking advantage of the existing vineyards linked to her father’s technical improvement programme, they dedicated themselves to winemaking. The combination of oenological knowledge of grape varieties with appropriate biodiversity is essential to achieve their goals.

The secret of the quality of their wines lies, to a large extent, in the fact that they have been able to find a grape variety that is suitable to be exploited in this region with such special climatic conditions.