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Entrepreneurs Guide

Ros Lisbon

Sector: Fashion and accessories Zone: Rest of Portugal Address: Online Contact: Ana Ros Tlf: +351 916 804 279 Email: info@roslisbon.com Web: https://www.roslisbon.com/pt

Passionate about fashion, travel, quality and designer articles, Ana Ros founded her first footwear business in 2014 with the aim of making it as comfortable as possible, as well as with different and quality designs. A year later she added swimwear, bikinis and accessories such as bags and hair accessories to the collection.

ROS Lisboa is a Portuguese brand focused on the production of high-quality items. For the comfort of the footwear, they select high-quality leathers and apply cushioned insoles. For swimwear, the quality of the fabrics is paramount to achieve optimal results for customers, using opaque linings with solar protection technology, features that are carefully selected for their articles with an aim to ensure long-lasting use.