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Entrepreneurs Guide
Sector: Consulting and distribution Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Marie Curie, nº 8. Oficina 1. 29590. Málaga. Contact: Sonsoles Jiménez Tlf: +34 951 70 07 49 Email: info@rsctalent.com Web: http://www.rsctalent.com/

RSC provides expert professional services in local and international settings for business development, internationalisation, corporate communication and human resources; covering all types of strategic needs, talent development and management, both at a personal and business level.
Our mission is to create and develop lines of growth in accordance with our client’s goals, activating the levers of talent and opportunity through advice, coaching, training and/or outsourcing of the activities required to achieve success in their projects.
Our firm is dynamic, curious, hard-working, constant, creative and open to the world, and for this reason, we are committed to a team of people united by a passion for excellence, efficiency and measurable results.
We have more than 20 years of experience behind us across 5 continents, more than 1,000 events, and a wide range of clients, sectors and sizes: from public entities to business schools, including individuals, entrepreneurs, celebrities, telecommunications companies, fashion, art, third sector, catering, agri-food and life sciences.