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Sacra Híspalis

Sector: Arts and crafts, Culture Zone: Andalusia Address: 41013, Sevilla Contact: Irene Gallardo Flores Tlf: +34 606 03 55 38 Email: sacrahispalis@gmail.com Web: http://sacrahispalis.blogspot.com

SACRA HISPALIS is a cultural proposal, unique and genuine in its style. We are pioneers in the creation of interesting itineraries for the interpretation of Sacred Art and Popular Religiosity, with the primary objective of enhancing the value of this art, culture, devotions and craftsmanship. Our cultural itineraries highlight the sacred heritage, traditions and craft workshops, where the everlasting and universal Sevillian Sacred Art is born.
We promote the work of artisans and artists, opening up the possibility of learning from their protagonists all the secrets that make this eminently Sevillian art form universally recognised for its enormous quality, as well as for its genuine and unequalled artistic style. We make and produce audiovisuals on Sacred Art and Popular Religiosity.
With SACRA HÍSPALIS, you will be able to see the aromatic cedar carved, the silver metal chiselled, the gold leaf burnished on stucco, the Flanders pine carved, painting on canvas or panel, embroidery in silk and fine gold, artistic palm curling, giving life to ceramics with pigments and creating authentic wax flowers in the workshops where art is born, and delve into the exciting history of our popular religiosity in its temples. The SACRA HÍSPALIS itineraries are aimed at people who are interested in popular religiosity, lovers of sacred art and religious craftsmanship of all ages.
SACRA HÍSPALIS is a firm commitment to culture, in times that are not at all in its favour, which maintains its expectations of improving with each new itinerary. Are you going to miss it?