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Entrepreneurs Guide

Sancha – Tradición popular

Sector: Fashion and accessories Zone: Rest of Spain Address: C/ Santo Domingo, 72 06001 Badajoz Contact: Tlf: +34 924 20 55 49 Email: sancha@tradicionpopular.es Web: www.tradicionpopular.es

Sancha Tradición Popular is dedicated to the manufacture of handmade products, specialising in handmade hair combs and printed scarves.

They produce handmade combs and Spanish mantillas, ideal for special occasions such as weddings or other events. Manila shawls in different sizes, colours and types of embroidery. Printed scarves that combine tradition and modernity.  Lovely dresses and traditional regional accessories such as the montehermoso cap, lace stockings and embroidered sashes, esparto grass espadrilles and ‘cheese’ hats. In short, at Sancha, we bring regional clothing into modern fashion.