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Entrepreneurs Guide

Senda Tribe

Sector: Fashion Zone: Andalusia Contact: Nuria Fábregas Tlf: 0034617637493 Whatsapp: 0034617637493 Email: nuriafabregas@outlook.es Web: https://sendatribe.com/
Senda is its creator Nuria Fábregas’ dream come true. Passionate about drawing bikinis and swimming costumes since she was a child, she is now committed to designing swimwear from a very favourable place for it by the sea in Cádiz, Spain.
Sharing and inspiring through the stories behind her garments is one of the premises to bear in mind, and sustainability and innovation stand out among this company’s cross-cutting elements. Their work philosophy oozes transparency, positivity, proximity and, above all, a love for fashion and a job well done.
Their pieces are unique and of high quality, carefully thought out to offer timeless designs that can be transformed and can even be reversible, promoting responsible and conscious consumption as well as the love of beautiful things. The production is currently entirely carried out in Andalusia: the designs are made in Cádiz, the patterns are made in Málaga and the clothes are made in Almería. In addition to swimwear, they also produce sweatshirts, tops, one-pieces, accessories, bottoms, etc.

On the topic of sustainability, we must bear in mind that they make their garments with textiles made from recycled materials because today’s impact leaves its mark on tomorrow. Their slogan is: Enjoy today, care for tomorrow.

Innovation in materials, local production and “Zero Stock” are their ways of committing to being as sustainable as possible.

They are aware of and know all the details on where, how and in what conditions all their products are produced to ensure that they meet their environmental and work condition requirements.

Their garments are simply irresistible. Their blog provides useful tips: https://sendatribe.com/blogs/blog