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Sector: Services Zone: Andalusia Address: : C/ Castillo de Aguzaderas, 11, 41500 Alcalá de Guadaíra, Sevilla Contact: Ascensión Sánchez Curado Tlf: 955683226 600228348 Email: gerencia@sensilimp.com Web: https://www.sensilimp.es/

Our company understands the impact of new technologies on everyday life and their application to all aspects and sectors, both socially and in the workplace.

Nowadays, the internet and the use of mobile devices mean a sometimes uncontrollable speed of information, knowledge and customer service and attention. Users increasingly demand total accessibility and control of their accounts and services in real-time and 24 hours a day. Not only that, but they also demand personalisation and self-configuration of cleaning and maintenance services.

For all these reasons, true to our policy of innovation and continuous improvement, we have developed an innovative technological platform in the cleaning and maintenance sector.

The benefits and control tools available to you as a client are countless, but they can be summarised in the following main features:

– Private Zone integrated in the platform protected with SSL security protocol.

– Automatic incremental backup every night, and integral backup every weekend.

– Real-time control and history of invoices and jobs.

– Possibility of permanent download of invoices, reports and other documents.

– Automatic payment platform with real-time notification.

– History, control and traceability of the work carried out permanently available.

– Electronic signature, validation and justification of the work carried out.

– Direct customer service and loyalty area.

– Online functionality for complaints/suggestions about assigned personnel.

– Tools for self-configuration of schedules and calendars.

– Possibility of sub-accounts with limited permissions. Ideal for companies and communities when it comes to queries without going through the account administrator.