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Entrepreneurs Guide

Sevilla Servicios Formación

Sector: Complementary training Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Fernando Zobel, 1. Edificio progreso planta 1 modulo 4, 41020 Sevilla Contact: Carmen Muñoz y Piedad Morán Tlf: 699771490 619852636 Email: info@sevilla-servicios.com Web:

Training consultants. Experts in developing, implementing and coordinating training courses.

Comprehensive management of training programmes.

We stand out for providing an entirely personalised service, we work with entities with groups most of whom are at risk of social exclusion.

Our work consists of attending to each entity’s specific requirements. We draw up a specific project for each of these entities, and for each request.

These courses are mostly in the hospitality and warehouse sectors, it is very practical training, always ending with professional internships in companies, as our ultimate goal is to link training with employment.