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Entrepreneurs Guide

Sigma Biotech

Sector: Food innovation Zone: Andalusia Address: Polígono Industrial Juncaril, Calle Loja, Parcela 7, nº 14. 18220. Albolote. Granada. Contact: Marta González. Tlf: 691583996 Email: levante@sigmabiotech.es / david@sigmabiotech.es Web: http://sigmabiotech.es/

Sigma Biotech is a private company that provides high added value services for companies throughout the agri-food chain.

We are engaged in the design and development of new products, process research and innovative technologies that can increase our clients’ production quality, as well as improve competitiveness and food safety through technological solutions in the field of agri-food.

The food-innovation binomial is essential to optimise companies’ efficiency, meeting both current and future demands. That is why Sigma Biotech was created, an entity from Granada that provides a wide range of services focused on developing innovative agri-food and cosmetic projects, thanks to a multidisciplinary team that can meet the needs of each company in the sector.

Thus, we act as an R&D&I department for our clients and are specialists in improving what already exists and obtaining different products for new market niches, in a scientific, innovative and profitable way.  At Sigma Biotech we work with our clients on trends and management in all sectors of the agri-food and cosmetics industries, designing original, competitive and quality products, to introduce them into the market without risk, helping companies to reach the consumer.

Innovation is a must for increasingly demanding markets.   To differentiate themselves, companies must be committed to launching products that provide added value to the consumer, thus allowing them to position themselves strategically, anticipating market demands and favouring the design of differential and profitable solutions.

Our large multidisciplinary team allows us to satisfy all the R&D&I demands of each company, analysing the potential of each company and then developing and executing a strategic plan to adapt it to the client’s wishes.

We take charge of designing and reformulating the product on a laboratory scale, using the most advanced technologies until the desired characteristics are achieved. We, therefore, develop each of the projects, presenting the patent with the client, if necessary, under a strict confidentiality protocol.