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Spira – revitalização patrimonial, Lda

Sector: Cultural Activities, Tourism Zone: Alentejo Address: Rua 5 de Outubro, 20 | 7920-368 Vila Nova da Baronia Contact: Catarina Valença Gonçalves Tlf: 00351911158698 Whatsapp: 00351911158698 Email: info@spira.pt Web: http://www.spira.pt/

Spira is a cultural consultancy company specialising in the conception, execution and production of heritage revitalisation projects, with 4 business areas, always in the Heritage sector: Cultural Tourism, Pedagogical Animation, Communication and Consultancy.
At Spira, we believe that people make heritage. That everyone can enjoy the fantastic, mysterious, unique dimension of a heritage asset. That everyone can feel the immense pride of belonging to a history of heroes which we are a part of. Which is part of each one of us. Understanding, knowing, supporting, promoting, defending an asset that belongs to everyone. Spira is fully convinced of the potential of Portugal’s heritage and also its responsibility in achieving this ideal. We believe that everyone counts for heritage.