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Sector: Glamping, Rural Tourism Zone: Andalusia Contact: Susana Pérez Dodero y Alberto Gallardo Maciá Tlf: +34661837714 Whatsapp: +34661837714 Email: agallardo@teacampa.com Web: https://www.teacampa.com/

A dream come true is what TEACAMPA offers everyone who wishes to have a nature-filled experience in a spectacular setting like Tarifa in Cádiz, Spain.

TEACAMPA offers what they refer to as glamping as, if you wish to stay in one of their spectacular tents, you will find yourself in a warm, welcoming place in clear dialogue with nature from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at night. Listen to the birds sing, gaze at infinite sunsets, smell and touch the wood, walk barefooted on the sand and practice ‘grounding’ or feel nature again through the soles of your feet.

They have recently launched a line of furnishings that remind us that we belong to natural spaces. Functional, simple, pretty and long-lasting furniture.

But TEACAMPA is not just an alternative to traditional accommodation in nature. It is more like a philosophy, a way of thinking that makes us act by putting nature first and behind everything they project. Nothing they do makes sense unless it is done from a commitment to sustainability, the only way to unite the present with the future.

At TEACAMPA the tents to stay in are conceived as spaces where all the elements of their philosophy combine: design, comfort and sustainability, all with a final goal that brings sense: to bring about unique experiences. Born from an organic design that blends them into their environment, the tents are made of wood and sustainable materials and equipped to provide you with the greatest comfort. They will allow you to focus solely on what matters, the experience of being back in nature and with nature.

From the very origin of the wood and materials they use, through the design and ending with the assembly processes, TEACAMPA is integration, balance and respect for the natural environment. Their experiences are spaces where your enjoyment today does not compromise the enjoyment of those who will come tomorrow.