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Entrepreneurs Guide

Terra Pilas

Sector: Pottery/Ceramics Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Lope de Vega, nº 19. 41840. Pilas. Sevilla. Contact: Rosario Bolaños. Tlf: 666406911 Email: info@ceramicaartesanalsevilla.es Web: http://ceramicaartesanalsevilla.es/

TERRA PILAS is an artisan company dedicated to the design and painting of tiles, ceramics and decorative accessories. In addition to a wide range of products, which you can find in our catalogue, we offer the possibility of producing personalised and exclusive designs.

We also offer the option of creating specific designs for projects that professionals such as interior designers, architects, decorators, etc., wish to carry out.

At TERRA PILAS we are particularly interested in offering products of the highest quality and excellent service, adapting to your needs and working employing totally handcrafted techniques. All of this ensures an optimum result in the products we offer.

TERRA PILAS’ extensive experience in the sector guarantees the final result of our work and the high level of loyalty displayed by our customers.