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Entrepreneurs Guide

Território Periférico

Sector: Landscape Architecture Zone: Alentejo Address: NERE - Rua Circular Norte Parque Industrial e Tecnológico de Évora, 7005-841 Évora Contact: Catarina Archer de Carvalho | Sara Duarte Tlf: +351 918 305 913 +351 969 116 418 Email: territorioperiferico@gmail.com Web: https://en.territorioperiferico.com/

TERRITÓRIO PERIFÉRICO, Lda. carry out Landscape Architecture projects, giving priority to the use of native vegetation, especially the use of each locality’s potential vegetation. Landscape Architecture is a very broad profession and, in terms of their projects, allows them to work on various scales and in different contexts. In terms of the occupational market, they develop all kinds of projects, from small private gardens to large open spaces, in an urban context, on a city scale, or in the context of land-use planning, on a landscape scale.