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Sector: Food, Food and drink, Gastronomic Tourism, Specialised merchandise Zone: Alentejo Address: Edifício Moinho da Cova Centro de Lazer da Portagem 7330 – 328 Marvão Contact: Rita Beltrão Martins Tlf: +351 969 077 112 +351 966 908 963 Whatsapp: +351 969 077 112 +351 966 908 963 Email: geral@terrius.pt Web: https://terrius.pt/

TerriuS was born in Serra de S. Mamede – Alto Alentejo and its main objective is the production, preservation and sustainable marketing of wild products, fruits and vegetables of excellence originating from the region. The brand uses simple transformation processes, such as dehydration, milling and preparation of natural preserves, preserving the unique characteristics of the raw materials, to bring the original flavours and aromas of this land to the world.

In addition to production, Terrius offers consultancy services in food innovation, by-product valuation, circular economy and project development. In addition, it is dedicated to the organisation of events and Gastronomic Tourism programmes, both nationally and internationally.

TerriuS’ mission is to enhance the value of local products, based on sustainable local development that promotes the preservation of the natural heritage and the recognition of the region.