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Tubqal Marruecos, Piedra y Arena (stone and sand)

Sector: Tourism Zone: Andalusia Address: Ciudad de Málaga, B-6 1ºD - 52005 Melilla Contact: Sonia Gámez Gómez Tlf: +34606584255 +212628851283 Whatsapp: +34606584255 Email: sonia@tubqalmarruecos.com Web: www.tubqalmarruecos.com

At Tubqal Morocco, Piedra y Arena we organise routes through the most natural Morocco, leaving aside the big cities to venture into its landscapes, its villages or its most distant nature. We want to show travellers the most genuine aspects of this country, leaving behind the traditional tourist itineraries. The unquestionable richness of the people of this country emerges from a culture rooted in the depths of the Amazigh tradition, where the knowledge of the most authentic Morocco emanates from. Our routes are based on essential premises, such as the common objective of travelling with confidence and tranquillity, in small groups of friends or families, with a maximum of 6 to 8 people and at the pace set by the travellers. In Tubqal Morocco, Piedra y Arena we focus on the contrasting landscapes of Morocco and some of the activities that can be carried out in these places. The destinations of stone, sand and salt are based on approaching the Atlas Mountains: ascending their peaks or walking their paths; the Sahara Desert: connecting its vanishing points; and the sea: surfing the Atlantic waves or swimming off the Mediterranean beaches. We will always avoid the crowds as much as possible in order to reach the people who live in the valleys, oases and palm groves, to delve into cultural traditions, and to focus our curious gaze on getting to know the country from its roots.