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UMAI Gourmet

Sector: Food and drink, Gastronomy Zone: Andalusia Address: Polígono, 04510, Calle Montagon, 04510, Almería Contact: Beatriz Lara García Tlf: +34 645 66 97 61 Whatsapp: +34 645 66 97 61 Email: info@umaiquintosabor.com Web: https://umaiquintosabor.com/

We are a family business, we are moved by the land, our roots and traditions. Through a fresh and innovative approach we seek to reinterpret and recover the ancestral  culinary  traditions of the Mediterranean.

Our gourmet creations are characterised by being protected signature products where creativity in mixing flavours, strengths and textures is our UMAI expertise.

Our potential lies in Signature Gourmet products, where innovation and production processes are fundamental. Our secret is: Patience, the Salt of the Marshes of Huelva and the pure, cold air of the peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the Alpujarra of Almeria, where UMAI originated.