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Sector: Architecture Zone: Rest of Spain Address: Avenida Mare Nostrum Bloque 7 Nº 13, 03007, Alicante Contact: Ana Isabel González Barroso Tlf: 626589839 Email: info@umbilucus.com Web: http://www.umbilucus.com/

The experience we have accumulated in the field of Technical Surveying Engineering since 1997 has led us to create Umbilucus in Malaga, a company that offers advice, management and quality service in the market of Surveying, Cartography and Land Registry, using the latest advances in technology with the utmost professionalism.

Services provided:

  1. Land Registry and Plot Measurements
  2. Property Registry
  3. Technical Works Office – Civil Engineering Projects
  4. Appraisals
  5. Town planning
  6. Advice and regularisation of dwellings on Land Not for Development.