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Entrepreneurs Guide

Veira Eventos

Sector: Events Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Virgen de la Palma Coronada, nº 5. 41002. Sevilla Contact: Fátima Veira Guisado Tlf: 676508999 Email: info@veiraeventos.com Web: https://veiraeventos.com/

“What I am is thanks to all the good things I receive every day from you”.

With this sentence, I would like to begin my brief and simple presentation as the “visible face” of this beautiful reality, which in its day began as a magical project that held all my hopes and dreams, and which today is Veira Eventos.

We have many years of experience in direct contact with the public, experiencing the enthusiasm of each client who comes to entrust us with the organisation of their wedding, their children’s christening or communion, their loved one’s birthday, their parents’ golden wedding anniversary, the presentation of that product on which their professional success depends… and so many other types of events that come our way.

The entire professional background of Veira Eventos, both in the person of Fátima Veira as head of the company and in each and every one of the professionals who are part of it or participate in it, gives us a great capacity to “absorb concerns, receive the enthusiasm of each client’s project and return it to them in the form of happiness”.