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Wabi Sabi Shop&Gallery

Sector: Art and decoration Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Francos, nº 9, 41004 Sevilla Contact: María López Vergara. Tlf: 651321895 Whatsapp: 651321895 Email: mlvergara@wabisabigallery.com Web: www.wabisabigallery.com

Wabi Sabi Shop&Gallery is a multidisciplinary space where art, design, antiques, decoration, specialised books, fashion and more coexist in harmony. It is a living, changing and versatile space, where things happen and people get involved in them, we organise events related to art and culture, brand and new fashion collections presentations, courses, pop up stores, art inaugurations and exhibitions, performances, DJ sessions. … we select everything, each piece of furniture is unique, each piece is special for a reason, we are very conscious of respect for the environment, recycling and reuse of materials, we reinvent furniture and objects to give them a second, more original life.