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Zona verde consumibles

Sector: Trade and Marketing Zone: Andalusia Address: Pol. Ind. Virgen de las Nieves, Paseo del Cañaveral, naves 3 y 5 18110 - Las Gabias (Granada) Contact: Tlf: 619044296 Email: ismael@zonaconsumibles.com Web: http://www.zonaconsumibles.com/es/franquicias/

Franchise company that collects, recycles and distributes ink-jet, laser and fax print cartridges.

Employing a complex process of recycling and elaboration, they manage to make the empty cartridges work again as they did when they were new, with the same quality and viability as an original, but at a much more affordable price and with the bonus of reusing a product that is considered a waste product and seriously and irreparably pollutes our environment.