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Islamophobia, fears and prejudices of the Spanish society


On the occasion of signing the cooperation agreement between Three Cultures Foundation and Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), we organize a roundtable about “Islamophobia, fears and prejudices of Spanish society”. The rise of incidents towards the Muslim population in Spain will be analyzed, and we will try to answer some of the myths and misconceptions that most circulating among those who enhance Islamophobia, to counteract prejudices, stigmas and misconceptions that generate hostility to Islam.


In recent years, this kind of racism against the Muslim population is increasing. Insults, ‘cyberhate’, rumors… are the various forms in which Islamophobia is expressed. In this context, the board intends, after a presentation on current expansion of this type of discrimination, remove those topics or myths about Islam that causes more prejudices and controversy.


Participants at the roundtable: Alfonso Casani, a researcher at the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), who will present the results of the report “Islamophobia in Spain. National Report 2015” published in April 2016; Abdelaali Bariki, Azarquiel Association president; and Juan Ramon Jiménez, Doctor of Education Sciences at the University of Seville and Professor of Education at the University of Huelva


More information:


Casani Alfonso Herranz, “Islamophobia in Spain. National Report 2015 “, European Islamophobia Report 2015 (Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research, 2016)


Casani Alfonso Herranz is a researcher at the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI). Author of the report Islamophobia in Spain. National Report 2015, currently works in the “Twistislamophobia” FUNCI project and collaborated in his book Islam and constitutionalism: an open dialogue. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and Oriental Studies of the Autonomous University of Madrid and member of the research group International Mediterranean Studies Workshop (TEIM) and the Group of Studies on the Arab and Muslim societies (GRESAM).


Juan Ramon Jimenez Vicioso is pedagogue, Doctor of Education Sciences from the University of Seville and Professor of Education at the University of Huelva. For 5 years he has directed the Master in Intercultural Education and participated in various research projects, Seminars Training, Courses and publications on this subject. He is currently Deputy Director of the Research Center on Migration (CIM) and member of the Anti-rumors Network of Andalusia


Abdelaali Bariki, pharmaceutical and social activist, current president of the cultural association Azarquiel Moroccan university community in España. Bloguero and speaker on issues of multiculturalism, Arab-Muslim culture and andalusí


In order to attend this event, it is necessary to register here: https://goo.gl/forms/yEfAgVUcuBn21b7c2


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