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The consultancy service offered by the Three Cultures Foundation resolves almost a hundred questions raised by immigrants about the state of emergency


Within the framework of the state of confinement decreed by the Government on the 13th of March, the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation has continued its work through the project Three Cultures with you, a non-presential programme focused on offering – through its web portal and its different social networks – quality contents and activities to help its public to spend these weeks in the best possible way. 

One of the activities with greater projection and acceptance of this programming has been the consulting service for immigrants on issues related to the state of alarm, aimed at resolving legal, employment and administrative questions related to this exceptional situation. 

This is a public service initiative for the immigrant population resident in Andalusia, which in recent weeks has registered and resolved the numerous questions raised by Moroccan citizens and other nationalities such as Algeria and different countries in South American. 

Those responsible for carrying out this work have been the lawyer and head of the Legal Area of Three Cultures, Lara Marco, and the lawyer specialising in foreigners and professor of Public International law, Paula Schmid. 

Both have been responsible for responding to the queries that have arrived daily through the various channels that have been enabled for this purpose (in Spanish, Arabic, French and Italian) and that have been resolved in the live sessions on the Facebook channel of Three Cultures on the 26th March, 2nd and 8th April. In these three sessions, an average of 25 queries per day have been resolved, and more than 16,400 views have been received. 

In addition, work has been done in tune with the embassies of Spain and Morocco to respond to those specific cases that required their intervention. 

Among the issues that have raised the most doubts were undoubtedly those related to various questions of Labour law, especially regarding dismissals produced as a result of the declaration of the state of emergency and the temporary labour force adjustment plan (ERTE for its acronym in Spanish) provided for in Decree 8/2020 of 17th March, as well as the requirements for receiving unemployment benefit.

Other recurrent topics have been those related to administrative procedures and the telematic execution of procedures or information on obtaining documentation, such as the processing of files for foreigners, renewals and delegation of permits, etc.

Several queries have also been resolved regarding Moroccan university students who did not know how to proceed with regard to confinement or the doubts of some businessmen interested in moving business from Morocco to Spain. 

In addition to the questions resolved in the live shows, we have continued to be received numerous written queries that are being studied and answered in a personalized and individual way.


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