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The Fundación Tres Culturas takes two businesswomen from the INTREPIDA project to SIMOF


This year there will be a stand (number 82) at SIMOF International Flamenco Fashion Show dedicated to the INTREPIDA project, lead by the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation). Two businesswomen have been selected from all of those who usually take part in the project’s activities to display their products.

They are Silvia Rodrigues, from the company Sigues (Loulé, Portugal), and Marisol Torres, from Mariblu (Cádiz). The two women met at the 1st Better Together Business to Business encounter which was held last November in the Portuguese town of Faro and they have various things in common: they both create accessories made of paper and carry out their work in co-working premises.

Silvia Rodrigues has been working in the field of creation of costume jewellery from newspaper for more than ten years. She was the first designer in Europe to create this type of product and she has turned Sigues into the first Portuguese company to attend SIMOF, all thanks to the boost provided by the INTREPIDA project, under the INTERREG (POCTEP) programme.

Meanwhile, Marisol Torres was trained in Fine Arts and worked as a restorer and conservator until she decided to embark on a more personal artistic project, employing paper to create flowers, headdresses, brooches, table centrepieces and bouquets, among other products.

INTREPIDA (Internationalisation of the Businesswomen of Spain and Portugal for Insertion, Development and Alliances) is a project led by the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) with the following partners: Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Provincia de Cádiz – FUECA (Business University of the Province of Cádiz Foundation), Diputación de Huelva (Huelva County Council), REGIOTIC, Asociación de Empresarios de la Región de Portoalegre NERPOR (Portoalegre Region Business Association) and Núcleo Empresarial de la Región de Évora NERE (Évora Region Business Hub).

The Project has European financing under the INTERREG V A España-Portugal (POCTEP) programme and its goals include increasing visibility of the work of companies managed by Andalusian and Portuguese women, while encouraging mobility and presence in other markets of businesswomen from both countries. The presence of these two women at SIMOF achieves all of these goals.


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