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The “Mercado Halal” project participates in the International Tourism Exchange -ITB- with four Andalusian companies


The Tres Culturas Foundation and its partners of the Mercado Halal project participate in the International Tourism Exchange -ITB-, which is held virtually from March 9 to 12.

This project gives the four companies a chance to take part in the ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin), the biggest tourism fair in the world, where a long list of companies in the tourist industry such as hotels, tourist offices, tour operators, airlines, car rental agencies are represented.

Due to the global health crisis, this year’s edition will not be held on-site, but virtually. The four companies will have free access to all the activities programmed in the different virtual spaces and formats in which they will be able to exhibit their products and services to the rest of the attendees.

Among the participating companies is the Casa-Museo Guadamecí Omeya. A unique exhibition in the world, as it shows the recovery of the original Umayyad techniques to work on leather for its use as decoration. The founders, research artists on Caliphal and sumptuary techniques used in 10th century Córdoba, bring together a large collection of pieces made of guadamecí as well as the workshop, in which both artists show their skills to the visitors.

Aart select is a specialized tourism and cultural management company located in  Seville. It has an appealing interdisciplinary approach, in which professionalism, personalization, trust and dedication make the difference. The company possesses a way of understanding the tourist experience beyond passive visual consumption, offering them an exclusive and select tailor-made services.

Plata Cordobesa is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of the typical filigree jewelry from Córdoba. It offers unique experiences in which attendees can learn firsthand the process of creating these small handcrafted pieces. The workshops are the perfect opportunity to learn more about the history of Cordoba through filigree, one of the oldest goldsmithing techniques in the world, which was introduced to the city during the time of the Caliphate.

Córdoba Luxury Experience, on the other hand, it is a company in Córdoba and its province that focuses on luxury experiences of cultural, business and enogastronomic tourism. Based on a business concept that seeks to unite tourism, art and culture in a sustainable and respectful way.  both for the spaces themselves and for the inhabitants of the city and its province, always taking into account the excellence of the experiences lived by the client from the slow tourism concept.

More information about the fair: https://www.itb-berlin.com/

More information about the companies:

This activity takes place within the framework of the “Mercado Halal” project and it is specifically linked to its second activity: “Joint halal business promotion and marketing actions”, which aims to offer companies the opportunity to showcase their products and carry out B2B exchanges, thus promoting their internationalisation.

More information about the  ‘Mercado Halal’ project

This project is promoted by the INTERREG V-A – Spain-Portugal cooperation programme (POCTEP 2014-2020). Its aim is to generate competitive advantages for the products and services of different companies in Andalusia and Alentejo, by adapting them to the criteria defined as Muslim friendly, enhancing the attractiveness of our hospitality offerings and increasing exports.

Two Andalusian and two Alentejo organisations have joined forces for this common purpose: Fundación Tres Culturas, Mercacórdoba (Mercados Centrales de Abastecimiento de Córdoba), CIMBAL (Comunidade Intermunicipal do Baixo Alentejo), and NERBE/AEBAL (Associação Empresarial do Baixo Alentejo e Litoral), which have been working intensively on different lines of action since last January.


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